Gay Marriage

This was posted on Facebook as an exercise in being more honest across all spheres of my life. I wanted to see if I could write a single statement I was happy to share with everyone, no fudging or spinning my views differently to tell people what they wanted to hear – Christians, atheists, family, friends. The reaction blew me away. I only set out to deal with a personal issue about being genuine with people, so the amount it prompted other people to think and discuss things is really more than I ever hoped for. Disclaimer: it wasn’t written to withstand that much scrutiny; I oversimplify the state of affairs in the evangelical community and the change that’s already happening, and I left out a whole lot of Biblical discussion that didn’t make sense for something aimed at a wide cross-section of people.

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I recently had the very great pleasure of celebrating my cousin’s wedding, a day or two after the US Supreme Court opened the door to gay marriage across the United States. My news feed was the happiest I’ve ever seen it: the wedding, even-more-jubilant-than-usual Pride parades, friends’ graduations for good measure. Celebrations all around. It brought me back to thinking about the fight against gay marriage from evangelical Christians (when I write Christians from here on, I mean those opposed to gay marriage). Many outsiders see hypocrisy: a movement that preaches love yet denies a huge group of people their freedom to express it. It’s a misinformed and slightly lazy characterisation – it’s much less effort to dismiss people as hypocrites or fools than it is to try to understand what’s going on when good people have opinions that shock us. But the Christian approach is lazier still, essentially falling back on “the Bible’s always right” without considering whether maybe the Bible can still be right, but they’re¬†wrong. As a bisexual-ish ex-Christian, it’s an emotional debate for me, tied into who I am in many ways. Partly I need to vent my frustration with the church world that I was immersed in throughout my upbringing and means so much to me, but has it disastrously wrong on this one. Partly I wanted to defend that same world to cynical friends who are unjustly harsh in their criticism. Mostly I realised that until I start being more upfront, I’m not only dishonest by omission, I’m also implicitly remaining ashamed in some way of my sexuality and my convictions.

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Gay Marriage